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Rider Alerts

Rider Alerts

RIder alerts!!

Return to Front Door Boarding and Fare Collection

Beginning Monday, February 28, 2022, Connect Transit will reinstate front door boarding and fare collection. This includes Connect Transit fixed-route bus service and Connect Mobility paratransit service.


Please be aware that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has established that face masks are mandatory while riding with Connect Transit. As a federally regulated transportation service, Connect Transit is required to follow the face mask requirements enforced by the TSA, even while Local or State directives may change. Please continue to wear an appropriate face covering while riding with Connect Transit until the federal face mask mandate for public transportation expires or is cancelled.


Connect Transit will continue to provide enhanced cleaning measures, including daily disinfecting of vehicles using an electrostatic sprayer.  We also ask that passengers continue to practice social distancing, when possible.

Connect Transit Returning to Regular Service
Connect Transit Returns to Regular Service 2/4/2022

Connect Transit will be returning to regular service Friday February 4th. Please be safe, wait for the bus in a safe area, and dress appropriately for the weather.