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FY22-RFP-005: Public Relations Messaging Consultant

Specification #FY22-RFP-005

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified, responsive, and responsible companies or firms with experience in assistance in planning a broad community collaborative effort and facilitation of the development of a messaging campaign that raises awareness and educates the public and decision makers about the value of public transportation in the community.


Successful development of the messaging campaign involves understanding communications within the layered environment of the Bloomington-Normal political, decision maker and influencer systems represented by the general public, private sector, local government, state governments, and federal government.


It is critical that all messaging efforts are framed within the overall mission of Connect Transit and integrate thematically or otherwise with the messaging provided by the City of Bloomington, the Town of Normal, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce and the McLean County Economic Development Commission as they relate to defining the Bloomington-Normal market.


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Spec #FY22-RFP-005 : Packet Request Form