Connect Mobility

Special Services is now Connect Mobility!


Unlike fixed route services, which do not deviate from their established routes, the Connect Mobility buses pick-up and discharge passengers at the curb in front of their origin and destination.

All of the Connect Transit buses, both fixed route and Connect Mobility, are equipped with lifts to assist riders getting on or off the bus. The fixed route buses also have the ability to lower the front steps (i.e., "kneel") to assist riders. Many riders with disabilities find the fixed route buses suitable for their needs. However, some riders have disabilities which do not allow them to use regular fixed route bus services. For these riders Connect Transit offers "Connect Mobility".

Click here to download the Connect Mobility Brochure.
Who May Use Connect Mobility?
A person's eligibility to use Connect Mobility is determined on a case-by-case basis following specific eligibility criteria. In general, Connect Transit provides Connect Mobility for:
  1. ADA Eligible Riders
    Some riders are eligible to use Connect Mobility because they have a disability which qualifies them under the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). These eligible riders are persons who are unable to use the fixed route bus. For the most part, these riders are unable to get to or from a fixed route bus stop because of their disability.
  2. Qualified Riders Age 65 or Over
    Connect Mobility is also made available to persons aged 65 and over when and if other schedule commitments permit.
ADA Eligibility

To obtain information regarding ADA eligibility and the certification process, please call the Transit System Office at (309) 828-7511 (voice or TDD). If you believe that you are eligible you may download, print, and complete an application and return it to Connect Transit:

Connect Transit
351 Wylie Drive
Normal, IL 61761

Click Special Services Application (pdf) to download the application

Personal Attendants

ADA eligible riders are permitted to have a Personal Attendant ride (at no charge) with them provided they indicate the need for a personal attendant when applying for ADA certification. The personal attendant must board and alight the bus at the same points as the ADA eligible rider.

Persons who need help getting to and from the bus should make arrangements to have a Personal Attendant accompany them.Connect Mobility bus drivers may not leave the immediate area of their bus unless an emergency arises. Drivers will assist passengers getting on and off the bus as requested.

Traveling Companions

ADA eligible riders may choose to have a traveling companion accompany them. Traveling companions pay the same fare as the ADA eligible rider with whom they are traveling and they must board and alight the bus at the same points as the ADA eligible rider.

Vehicle Features

In addition to other features, the Special Services vehicles are equipped with these features:

  • Wheelchair lifts to accommodate passengers who are in wheelchairs or any other passengers who require a lift to board the bus
  • Passenger seat belts with wheelchair restraints that secure passengers in their wheelchairs and restrain wheelchairs firmly to the bus
  • Two-way radios that give each driver instant communication with the Connect Transit offices should a problem arise, and
  • Excellent interior lighting.
Hours of Operation

Connect Mobility operates during the same hours as the fixed route service, NiteRide and the After Hours program.

ADA Eligible Riders$2.00 each way
Personal Attendants of ADA Eligible RidersFree
Traveling Companions of ADA Eligible Riders$2.00 each way
ADA Eligible Riders (prepaid monthly access)
All Other Passengers $4.00 each way
After Hours - ADA Eligible Fare (9:30pm-1am) $2.00 each way

Connect Mobility reservations may be made up to fourteen days in advance of the day service is desired. Reservations must be scheduled no later than the day before service is desired. The Connect Mobility phone number is (309) 828-7511 voice or TDD.
The Connect Transit makes every effort to perform passenger pick-ups as scheduled. Traffic congestion, service cancellations, weather and other factors beyond our control effect the ability of Connect Mobility to meet its schedule. When scheduling service, please allow 30 minutes leeway both prior to and after the actual scheduled pick-up time.

Prepaid Monthly Access
  • Connect Transit now offers a prepaid monthly access program for ADA eligible riders. For more information, please download the ADA Pass Handout/Participation Form.
  • Click ADA Pass Handout/Participation Form(pdf) to download the form